Hurricane Bertha comes to Snowshill

Bright sunny weather is high on the list of ingredients in the mix for a perfect day out at a National Trust property. When visitors are asked how their enjoyment of the property could be enhanced, they often chastise us for dishing out dreary rain clouds. Personally, I think Snowshill Manor is the perfect place to savour the drama of the wilder elements. This was beautifully illustrated recently on a Sunday morning as ex-hurricane Bertha huffed her last across the Cotswolds.

Dramatic lighting in "100 Wheels"

Dramatic lighting in “100 Wheels”

At ten o’ clock in the morning the far corners of  the “100 Wheels ” loft were as black as pitch, off-setting the dramatic purple and yellow lighting which cast astounding shadows of spokes across the ancient floorboards.

Shadows cast up to the roof

Shadows cast up to the roof

Purple wheel patterns

Purple wheel patterns


On the adjacent landing the inner workings of an old wooden clock were cast in clear relief. I think you’ll agree that Assistant House Steward Vicky has done a great job in capturing the moment in her photographs.

Shadow of clock movement.

Shadow of clock movement.


If you’ve ever sheltered from raging thunder and lightning in Charles Wades cottage by his chapel bedroom, or watched the intricate patterns cast by the brass lantern in Turquoise as the late season shadows lengthen, you’ll know how beautiful, dramatic and inspiring the Manor is and you don’t need bright light or blazing sunshine to appreciate that.


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