News from the Gloucester Records Office: Harold Waiting and the Model Wagons

As part of the cataloguing of the Snowshill papers at Gloucester Archives, the team have been recording the correspondence from Harold Waiting, the model maker responsible for more than 30 model wagons and other vehicles in “A Hundred Wheels”.

Charles Wade recognised that farm wagons represented a craft that was disappearing in the 1930s and he found a kindred spirit in Harold Waiting who built scale models of farms wagons – he was very particular about measuring original examples, and wouldn’t make a model without detailed plans. Wade wanted to paint the models so Waiting built them in such a way that they could be dismantled for painting. In all more than 20 wagons were modelled, representing the practices developed in different counties but despite several suggestions from Waiting and others, Charles Wade never commissioned a model of a Gloucestershire wagon.

Waiting was very business-like in his correspondence and in more than 100 letters he reported on the details of the construction of each model, as can be seen in this extract where he also sketches out a barrow that he and Wade had been discussing:

Unlike his normal practice, Charles Wade asked Waiting for detailed information on each of the models, which Waiting wrote out at some length. These notes are now being transcribed so that they can be available in the room-guide’s folder.


3 thoughts on “News from the Gloucester Records Office: Harold Waiting and the Model Wagons

  1. Vicki, yet again a source of information that I find most interesting.  I really admire the quality of Mr Waitings work and have been telling visitors that we have no Gloucestershire model because he died before making it.  Now I have a different tale to tell!  I also say that if I could take anything home with me it would be one of these models!!  Thanks again   Mike

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