Keeping the Clocks Ticking

Another post from a guest blogger; this time it is our wonderful clock conservator Mike Flannery.

I am looking forward to another trip to Snowshill to spend some time with the clocks. As a clock conservator I have a unique opportunity to examine clocks at various NT properties. Snowshill has a unique collection of clocks ranging English, Dutch, American, German, Austrian, and of course Japanese.

 IMG_3593 IMG_3583 IMG_3599

In 2012 we were experiencing some problems with the Tavern or Act of Parliament clock in Zenith. When I examined the movement I found that the great wheel was cracked and despite having been repaired before had cracked again. IMG_3586

 Mike Flannery Clock Conservator

The Manor team always enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the collection here at Snowshill and during his visit Mike very generously allowed us to pester him with lots of questions. It was a real joy to see the clocks in this way and we particularly enjoyed seeing the movements inside the Dutch Stoel Klok on display in Zenith. We even discovered some secret writing we had never seen before.

IMG_3607 IMG_3606 IMG_3589


4 thoughts on “Keeping the Clocks Ticking

  1. Very interesting! Far and away one of the most interesting of Wade’s objects that has stuck with me since I visited a year or two ago was the Japanese pillar clock. Not only was it a beautiful thing, but it introduced me to the concept of the Japanese pre-European method of measuring time. Blew my mind. A perfect distillation of Wade collecting things both because they are beautiful, and because they are interesting.

  2. Thanks as usual to Vicki and also Mike Flannery for his expert knowledge, This ‘inside’ info is greatly valued. However it will soon be time for our new season — the clock is ticking!!

  3. We can’t quite make out the secret writing! We do have a wonderful volunteer who has spent lots of time transcribing some rather difficult handwriting so we are hoping she might be able to work it out – we will keep you posted!

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