Mystery Manor Located!

While inventory checking the Small Store during the summer the team discovered two large photographs at the bottom of a box. The images depict a beautiful and grand manor house, with impressive features including four pyramidal turrets, fantastic decorative gables and a coat of arms carved above a grand stone entrance.


Photographs of the Unknown Manor

Photographs of the Unknown Manor

What struck the inventory team was the descriptions for the photographs. “Black and white photograph of a large manor house”. It was so frustrating that nobody had been able to locate this beautiful Manor house! We instantly started searching online but with little success. We even printed the pictures and displayed them in the volunteer tea rooms, just hoping that somebody would recognise the building. We had some great suggestions including the Chateau Impney in Worcestershire but nowhere seemed to have those distinctive stars or turrets. We had all but given up hope of finding the Manor when one of our volunteers spotted the image below in a local estate agents. We couldn’t believe our luck!

Mystery Solved - Westwood House in Droitwich Spa

Mystery Solved – Westwood House in Droitwich Spa

Chateau Impney in Worcestershire

Chateau Impney in Worcestershire

The house in question is Westwood House in Droitwich Spa. It is about an hour’s car journey from Snowshill and was converted into private apartments in the mid 20th Century. The house was first built as a hunting lodge for Sir John Pakington circa 1600. After it was damaged by fire during the Civil War his grandson altered and extended the building to create a country house. The house has an interesting history which we hope to investigate further, in particular we would love to know if Charles Wade had any connection to the family living there. How did the photographs end up at Snowshill? Did he visit them? Did he purchase something from them? So although we have happily discovered the location of the Manor and we can update our records we still have lots more questions.


3 thoughts on “Mystery Manor Located!

  1. Imagine if Westwood House was renovated back into a country house on par with Hardwick Hall with all of its original contents returned to it?

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