Further Delights of Inventory Checking

During this winter’s foray into the Piper’s Grove store, to continue our quest to check every item off on our inventory list, we have found quite a few objects that have been pretty, strange or interesting to us, here is just a small selection:



These are just two of the very pretty scent bottles in the collection.


This is ‘the Ensignette Daylight Loading Camera’, its a small folding camera INA leather pouch that was made to fit in a waistcoat pocket. Allen managed to get it unfolded although there’s no film left so we didn’t get a chance to see if it still worked!


This is one of the more unusual items that we found, a terracotta walnut shell with a small ape figure inside.


Another pretty one here – opera glasses inlaid with mother of pearl.


And finally – a very large key. (Biro for scale). There was a correspondingly large lock present.

Some of the other ‘highlights’ we’ve had have been the box that contained ‘150 sheets of blank paper’ and a very large box containing pieces of hide and fur.

We would love to have more items on display in the Manor but unfortunately we have run out of space! Luckily all of the collection is available to view online on the National Trust Collections website.

We managed to finish Piper’s Grove Store this week, so its back to the Manor after Christmas.


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