Whole Trust VCI Team trip to Snowshill

Last week we had some extra volunteers onsite. Guest blogger Richard has written a post telling you what they got up to….

Twelve volunteers and staff from the Whole Trust Volunteering & Community Involvement team met at Snowshill on Friday 6th December for our Christmas learning at work day. Snowshill fought off competition from other properties to host us, through their enthusiastic response, range of activities and the offer of us being able to buy a Christmas lunch.

Hayley met us in the restaurant at 10.00 for coffee and cookies, provided by Toni and the team. We were then taken on a tour up to the Manor, where Hayley gave us a great introduction to the life of Mr Wade and how the Trust ended up with the amazing collection of objects. As always, the Manor blew those away who hadn’t visited before.

We were then met by Katie and taken into part of the garden to tackle an invasion of bramble. We spent the next two hours attacking the undergrowth with loppers and spades, revealing stone slabs, flower beds and the boundary wall through our efforts. It was certainly satisfying to stand back and admire our work at the end of the morning. Hopefully Linda and Katie will be able to keep on top of it now and it won’t grow back too soon!


It was then back to the restaurant for our (hard-earned) lunch! Our crackers contained the usual high quality jokes and some charades to entertain us whilst Toni dished up our festive fare. The food was fantastic, as normal and there were lots of clean plates. It was great to chat to colleagues about everyday things, rather than plans, budgets and projects!

After lunch we split into two groups. Some of us heading up to the Manor to help Vicki beat some carpets, whilst the rest of us stayed in the restaurant to help Toni & Bex prepare ingredients for more chutney. I learnt the intricacies of carpet beating under Vicki’s watchful tuition. The carpet beating was certainly good for getting rid of aggression! We were all amazed at how much dust came out on to the tissue paper, despite Vicki having vacuumed it before we started. Then came the tricky task of rolling the carpet on to the plastic drainpipe for storage over the winter. This wasn’t easy as the pipe was the same width as the room, so required careful manoeuvres and co-ordinated rolling to ensure the carpet went on square and without rucking.

Dust successfully removed from the Meridian Carpets by the VCI team

Dust successfully removed from the Meridian Carpets by the VCI team

 Went we got back to the restaurant, the others had finished washing, pealing and chopping the chutney ingredients and everyone still had their fingers intact.

 We all had a fabulous day and want to say thank you to the team for making us feel so welcome and looking after us. We have told the other teams in Heelis what a great day we had and recommend that they arrange to have a learning at work day at Snowshill.


One thought on “Whole Trust VCI Team trip to Snowshill

  1. I would love to know more about the Whole Trust VCI – what is it? It sounds as if they had a lovely day.

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