Wolf’s Cove ‘navvies’ in action

P1050278Snowshill’s very own ‘Time Team’ have been investigating part of the manor garden in order to find the course of the canal that was once part of a model village. The models were made by Charles Wade and were laid out around the plunge pool to form the fishing village of ‘Wolf’s Cove’, complete with working railway and canal. The 3 day excavation in August was part of a much bigger project to reinstate the whole village. For over 40 years the remains of the railway and canal have been hidden beneath the soil and foliage, with only tantalising glimpses of the tunnels running through the wall and the base of the railway line. Photographic evidence provided the team (House Steward Jenny and volunteers Cate and Claire) with good clues as to where the canal once ran. large_SNO17770
The archaeologists were thrilled to uncover not only the canal basin, but also the base of the bridge that once supported the railway and a building which may once have been a toll house.P1050301
The Snowshill diggers are now hoping to be able to extend the excavation further to uncover the entire route of the canal and also the road leading up from the pond. Watch this space for updates in 2014!


3 thoughts on “Wolf’s Cove ‘navvies’ in action

  1. It,s great to have a new area of interest at Snowshill to add to add to the fascinating place that it already is.


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